DESFERAL 500mg Injection drug uses, side effects , price in UAE 2023

DESFERAL 500mg Injection Price, Uses, Alternatives, Dose, and more in UAE 2023

DESFERAL 500mg Injection

DESFERAL 500mg Injection Price

DESFERAL 500mg Injection

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Price, active substance, and uses of DESFERAL 500mg Injection


AED 341

Drug name DESFERAL 500mg

Active substance Desferrioxamine Mesilate

Size : 10 Vials

Concentration: 500mg/Vial

Type: Injection

Company : CIBA GEIGY


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 DESFERAL 500mg is a medication used to treat iron overload, a condition in which the body accumulates too much iron. This medication is also known by its generic name, deferoxamine mesylate. It is typically administered as an injection, although it is also available as a powder for reconstitution.

Iron overload can occur as a result of various conditions, including thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, and hemochromatosis. Iron buildup can cause organ damage and increase the risk of infections, heart disease, and cancer. DESFERAL 500mg helps remove excess iron from the body and prevent these complications.

How Does DESFERAL 500mg Work?

DESFERAL 500mg works by binding to iron in the bloodstream and forming a complex that can be eliminated from the body. The medication is typically administered through a subcutaneous injection or an intravenous infusion. It can also be administered as a continuous infusion via a portable pump.

Indications for DESFERAL 500mg

DESFERAL 500mg is indicated for the treatment of iron overload in patients with thalassemia, sickle cell anemia, and other conditions that cause iron overload. It is also used to treat acute iron poisoning.

Dosage and Administration of DESFERAL 500mg

The dosage of DESFERAL 500mg varies depending on the patient s weight, the severity of iron overload, and the underlying condition. The medication is typically administered once or twice daily, either subcutaneously or intravenously. The dosage is usually adjusted over time based on the patient s response to treatment and the results of blood tests that measure iron levels.

Precautions and Side Effects of DESFERAL 500mg

Before taking DESFERAL 500mg, patients should inform their healthcare provider if they have a history of kidney or liver disease, hearing problems, or anemia. The medication may interact with other drugs, so patients should also disclose all medications and supplements they are taking.

The most common side effect of DESFERAL 500mg is injection site reactions, such as pain, redness, and swelling. Other side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, and headache. In rare cases, DESFERAL 500mg can cause more serious side effects, such as allergic reactions, low blood pressure, and kidney damage.

All you need to know about DESFERAL 500mg Injection

Welcome to Dwaey, specifically on DESFERAL 500mg Injection page.
This medicine contains an important and useful components, as it consists of Desferrioxamine Mesilate.
DESFERAL 500mg is available in the market in concentration 500mg/Vial and in the form of Injection.
CIBA GEIGY is the producer of DESFERAL 500mg and it is imported from SWITZERLAND.
The most popular alternatives of DESFERAL 500mg are listed downward .

DESFERAL 500mg Injection Alternatives

Frequently Asked Questions

DESFERAL 500mg Injection for what ?

DESFERAL 500mg Injection uses:

Lets know how to use DESFERAL 500mg Injection

DESFERAL 500mg Injection used for:

  • Iron overload
  • Aluminum overload
  • Iron poisoning

DESFERAL 500mg Injection side effects

  • Rapid IV injection: Flushing
  • urticaria
  • hypotension and shock. SC or IM injection: Local pain. Prolonged SC: Pruritus
  • erythema and swelling. GI disorders
  • dysuria
  • fever
  • allergic skin rashes
  • tachycardia
  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • convulsions and leg cramps; visual disturbances
  • cataract formation
  • hearing loss; may retard growth in very young childn. Pulmonary syndrome with high IV doses.

DESFERAL 500mg Injection contraindications

Severe renal disease or anuria.

DESFERAL 500mg Injection Precaution

Impaired renal function; may color the urine reddish-brown, exacerbate aluminum-related encephalopathy and precipitate seizure (prophylactic with antiepileptic if at risk); susceptible to infection; monitor urinary excretion of iron, ophthalmological, audiological and cardiac function examinations; pregnancy.

DESFERAL 500mg Injection Mode Of action

Deferoxamine has a high affinity for ferric iron and forms chelates or stable water-soluble complexes with iron and other trivalent metal ions eg, aluminum. It removes free and bound iron from haemosiderin and ferritin, increasing the excretion of iron in urine and bile.

DESFERAL 500mg Injection Interaction

Increased risk of neurological symptoms when used concurrently with phenothiazines. Ascorbic acid improves Fe excretion but it should not be given during the 1st mth of starting deferoxamine treatment as it may worsen Fe toxicity. May affect imaging results if given together with gallium-67.