DESLIN 5 mg Tablet drug uses, side effects , price in UAE 2023

DESLIN 5 mg Tablet Price, Uses, Alternatives, Dose, and more in UAE 2023

DESLIN 5 mg  Tablet

DESLIN 5 mg Tablet Price

DESLIN 5 mg Tablet

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Price, active substance, and uses of DESLIN 5 mg Tablet


AED 21

Drug name DESLIN 5 mg

Active substance Desloratadine

Size : 30 s (15 s Blister x 2)

Concentration: 5 mg / Tablet

Type: Tablet



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 What is Deslin?

Deslin is used to treat the symptoms of allergies, colds, and influenza because it contains the active substance desloratadine, which is an antihistamine, as it works to reduce the effect of histamine in the body, which causes the following symptoms:

stuffy nose

Watery eyes.




Deslin use tips

The following tips should be followed when using Deslin:

This medicine is taken orally with or without food as directed by the doctor, knowing that the usual dose for adults is one tablet daily.

Declin should be used with caution and under medical supervision during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and in case of suffering from kidney and liver diseases.

It is forbidden to repeat Deslin if the symptoms do not improve after taking it regularly for a week, except after consulting the specialist doctor.

This medicine should not be used in children to induce sleep.

What are the uses of Deslin?

This medicine is used to relieve symptoms caused by certain diseases, such as:

hay fever.




urticaria and itchy skin;

What are the contraindications of using Deslin?

It is forbidden to use this medicine in case of hypersensitivity to any of its components.

What are the precautions for using Deslin?

The following precautions should be taken when using this remedy:

This drug should be used with caution and under medical supervision in case of kidney and liver disease.

Desloratadine for pregnant women

There are not enough studies on the safety of use, so you should consult a doctor before taking it during pregnancy.

Desloratadine and lactation

This remedy may be excreted in the breast milk in small quantities, so it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor before using it.

Desloratadine does it cause drowsiness

Desloratadine does not cross the membranes of the brain, so it does not cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Interactions of Deslin?

It is preferable to tell the doctor or pharmacist about all medications, herbs, vitamins, and nutritional supplements that are being taken before starting treatment. It is also recommended not to coincide with the following medications:

The drug erythromycin.


The drug ketoconazole.

What are the doses of Deslin and how to use?

The doctor determines the appropriate dose for each person according to his health condition, but in general the recommended dose is as follows:

Desloratadine dose for adults: 5 mg/day.

Desloratadine Dosage for Children: The dose depends on the age of the child;

Less than 6 months: It is preferable to avoid using it.

6-12 months: 1 mg daily.

1-5 years: 1.25 mg daily.

6-12 years: 2.5 mg daily.

12 years and over: 5 mg daily.

In case of kidney disorders, the dose is 5 mg every other day.

What are the dosage forms of Deslin?

Tablets concentration: 5 mg, oral syrup concentration: 0.5 mg/ml

What are the storage conditions for Deslin?

Store this medicine at room temperature, away from moisture and light, and out of the reach of children.

How to use Deslin

The following guidelines should be followed when using this remedy:

This medication is taken by mouth with or without food.

Do not break or chew the oral tablets. They should be swallowed with a glass of water.

The spoon attached to the package is used to measure the oral syrup, to ensure that the correct dose is obtained, and it is forbidden to use a tablespoon.

All you need to know about DESLIN 5 mg Tablet

Welcome to Dwaey, specifically on DESLIN 5 mg Tablet page.
This medicine contains an important and useful components, as it consists of Desloratadine .
DESLIN 5 mg is available in the market in concentration 5 mg / Tablet and in the form of Tablet.
AJA PHARMA INDUSTRIES CO LTD is the producer of DESLIN 5 mg and it is imported from SAUDI ARABIA.
The most popular alternatives of DESLIN 5 mg are listed downward .

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